Colorful journey of Lines, Colors & Words

abstract shape thoughts evolve into unusual and unique beautiful creations

Welcome to the Creative Realm of Linda Jean

Lines, colors and splashes of this and movement of that. It flows, it’s loud and it’s silent. It’s sad, it is elated, it’s loving and sometimes a mix of emotions. It’s simple and complicated. It’s her release, her way to look into the invisible energy embraced in an emotion and lock it into an abstract expression. Linda Jean invites you into her world of abstract art and words. She dreams like no other and she is like no one else as she thinks in abstract thoughts. Parrellel dimensions coexist within the realms of her imagination. With the variation of brushstrokes which enable her vision to come to life with alternate realties, she dreams within the space of the canvas and mixture of color and it is here she shares with you her world. Her creativity spills from paint to pen, often within a spin of a moment in a fictional mixture of adventure, romance, sci-fy and weird stories, as well as the curve of her words in the form of poetry. She shares with you the insights of her perspective in various creative forms and hopes it will entertain and stimulate your mind and your soul.

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