The Bird and The Tiger


It was unheard
Of a love like that
Between a bird
And a wild cat

Yet I spread my wings
You quietly hunted me
Out loud my heart sings
You admired my spirit so free

One day
I perched on you
Sang a tune that made your heart sway
Then off I flew

Later that night
I came and laid with you
Curled up in your fur with delight
Sad when sun shined and off I flew

Many nights like this
Then we were transformed by the moon to be human
We had our first kiss
We embraced our love again and again

Moonlight waned into the sun
We transformed back
Ended our loving fun
Then your friends began to attack

Off I flew
Singing as I was carried off by the wind
My heart beat true
For my loving tiger and my best friend.

Linda Jean©LJS003172015

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