The Unveiling


its a rhythm and a flow
within in every breath
i slowly began to let go
in waking life and in death

i took the blue pill
down the rabbit hole i went
now i can see what is truly real
and the lies i never meant

the light filtered through
my skin
it shined like new
and a new journey now begins

the light revealed
the truth
breaking the seal
covered in lies from my youth

i existed
and i was dead
i coexisted
within the lie that was said

i believed the lies of the blind
the lies of misguided souls
and i find
the truth as it unfolds

there has been a shift
i will never be the same
my heart smiles and lifts
the lies and earase the blame

i create the life i live in
i am responsible for all that is
so it is now that my life really begins
now i understand this

the darkness falls away
i reconnect above
now i enjoy each day
now i embrace love

now im no longer aloof
no longer isolated
i live and speak my truth
the pain has faded

we all have the power to be free
we all must love within
to be able to give it and be happy
time for a new world to begin

come with me down the rabbit hole
you dont need the blue pill
just love and forgive from your soul
then you’ll be the beauty of what is real


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