Fish Tale

Her admiration for Dolphins inspired her to leave America and head to a foreign country.  Once she arrived she headed for Atlantis Park.  Within the sea park her friend and her made their way to the dolphin arena.  It was here she slipped within the smelly rubbery synthetic skin and stared at her friend with a grin so wide that it was contagious to those she encountered.  The smell was not pleasant but her joy for her childhood dream for a dolphin encounter overrode the nuisance of the smelly odor of her wet suit.  Her friend and her walked toward the manmade ocean and she felt herself transform to that young girl who dreamed to play with a dolphin.  She felt her youthful energy emerge and vibrate within her as her excitement increased and reawakened something she forgo, childlike curiosity and joy from the simple of idea of connecting with a creature of nature such as this.  The magical creatures were playfully swimming and making sounds that seemed as if they were laughing.  This was music to her ears.  Each dolphin choose who he wanted to play with and Atlas spotted her contagious grin and on his high fin emerged from the water and encircled her laughing as water splashed on her.  Then he submerged back in the water and she sunk down.  Her young girl dream twinkled within her eyes as she found herself drawn to him.  He remained still as she approached this magical creature, energy filled the air and butterflies flipped in her stomach and she was compelled to kiss him.  Her soft lips brushed his noise, he chuckled and turned so she could hold onto his fin and he swam her out so they could play within the deep blue water embraced in joy and a dream come true.


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