Embrace the Wave


It’s the resistance in the wave
That challenges and attracts
Unknown how Mother Nature will behave
No way to control how it acts

You can only control one element
Thyself…only you
Let go it’s a God sent
You can’t control what it or they do


Infinite waters wrap
You up and embrace your soul
Release yourself from the mind traps
Only then with joy can you reach your goals

Take a risk and do something different
Anything to break the repetition
Embrace and thrive in your element
Passion, love, joy equals completion


Our fears of lack of security
Keeps us prisoners from 9 to 5
With these limits we are not free
Wake up and live and thrive

Take a chance
Break from a limited mindset
Have fun, live and let your heart dance
Live courageously and without regret


Embrace the wild wave
See what you attract
This may be the moment you save
Yourself and get life the life you dream on track


Linda Jean©LJS08232015

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