Linda Jean the Creative Creator

The ArtistGraduate of San Antonio College with a Sequential Graphic Arts degree, she has worked with graphics and animation but fell in love with words and paint.  She currently is a work in progress novelist working under the pen name of Naej Adnil, since her birth name is too common.  She is currently working on a fictional paranormal sci-fi series called the Mogdron Series.   She also enjoys writing short stories that range from unusual, to romantic, poetry and inspirational.  She continues to paint in styles of abstract expressionism, abstract, surrealism and landscapes.  She welcomes you to her unusual world of brush strokes and words and hopes it will entertain and stimulate your mind and your soul.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the art pieces you have viewed on this website, you may email her to find out the size of piece, if the piece is still available and for the price. If you are interested in having a painting created by her, you may email her with the specifications of what you are interested in having done, the size of the painting you would like it to be, genre and concept if known and she will review this to see if this can be done for you and advise of the cost as well.

Please send your emails for price and artwork inquiries to

  1. Happy to meet you… I had to show some love and would love to feature you on my site sometimes and do an interview. 🙂 You got some great pieces here… Maybe if up for it, we could do a digital collaboration via our blogs. “Art Painting & Poetry” 🙂 like a 8 piece work with both of us writing to our selected pieces. Just an idea…but you just need to know you are awesome. 🙂

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