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The ArtistLinda Jean is a graduate of San Antonio College with an Arts degree. As an Abstract artist she enjoys how movement can reflect in the work. How colors can represent an emotion. Her artwork is movement and stillness. It goes beyond ordinary and takes it to a place where beauty and imagination co-exist. Her paintings flow with fluid expression. Her creativity from painting mediums also tends to spill over into ink of written form of poetry and fictional short stories. She shares her insights with you in various creative forms to entertain and stimulate your mind and soul.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the art pieces you have viewed on this website please check out the shop page on the website to purchase through the site.

If you are interested in having a painting created by her, please submit an email to her through the contact form listed below with your specifications of what you are interested in having done.  Please include what city and state you are located in as the is need for quoting shipping fees, the size of the painting you would like it to be, genre and concept if known and she will review this to see if this can be done for you.  She will contact you to discuss this and provide a quote to you.

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  1. Happy to meet you… I had to show some love and would love to feature you on my site sometimes and do an interview. 🙂 You got some great pieces here… Maybe if up for it, we could do a digital collaboration via our blogs. “Art Painting & Poetry” 🙂 like a 8 piece work with both of us writing to our selected pieces. Just an idea…but you just need to know you are awesome. 🙂

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