Work in Progress

My First Resin Art Project

This weekend I embarked on an adventure of pure chaos as I have never worked with resin before. It was a messy exploration and for me the best way to learn. My next attempt will go a-lot smoother. I must note...gloves are essential if you ever want to try this stuff and cover your workspace … Continue reading My First Resin Art Project

Home is You

Cookies and The Mud Kings

"Sometimes I dream unimaginable things. Some of which brings me joy and peace and other times my  imaginary mind taps into the dark depths of my soul, to take works of unknown and unwritten fiction and have me experience it first hand within the realms of an alternate dimension, which we know as the dream … Continue reading Cookies and The Mud Kings

Those Kids…

Those kids danced better than most adults and left us all amazed.  They may have only been 6 years of age but they strutted there stuff like they were 40!  They affected our emotions with their flow of movements to music that revealed an interesting story.  They were two souls that flowed and connected, as … Continue reading Those Kids…

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