Fish Tale

Her admiration for Dolphins inspired her to leave America and head to a foreign country.  Once she arrived she headed for Atlantis Park.  Within the sea park her friend and her made their way to the dolphin arena.  It was here she slipped within the smelly rubbery synthetic skin and stared at her friend with … Continue reading Fish Tale

Cookies and The Mud Kings

"Sometimes I dream unimaginable things. Some of which brings me joy and peace and other times my  imaginary mind taps into the dark depths of my soul, to take works of unknown and unwritten fiction and have me experience it first hand within the realms of an alternate dimension, which we know as the dream … Continue reading Cookies and The Mud Kings

The Bird and The Tiger

It was unheard Of a love like that Between a bird And a wild cat Yet I spread my wings You quietly hunted me Out loud my heart sings You admired my spirit so free One day I perched on you Sang a tune that made your heart sway Then off I flew Later that … Continue reading The Bird and The Tiger

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